Our Philosophy

We provide quality and compassionate care during the childbearing year and through the life span.  Our practice is based on the belief that a partnership is formed between the midwives and the women we care for, and that healthcare works best when we work together. We feel that quality care and a trusting relationship are best ensured when women make informed decisions regarding their care. 

Annual exams promote health and well-being throughout a woman's life. We offer sensitive gynecology care including: nutrition counseling, health promotion and education, breast and cervical cancer screening, lab work, screening and treatment of sexual transmitted infections, family planning services, preconception counseling,  and other gynecological and sexual health issues all in an environment of privacy and respect.

We provide counseling and surveillance of birth control and family planning methods. We offer instruction for Natural Family Planning methods, diaphragm fitting and IUD insertion in addition to prescription contraceptive services. 

Prenatal care is essential for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Your prenatal visit is a time to make sure you and the baby are well. We discuss nutrition, exercise and other issues including labs ultrasounds and genetic screening. Very importantly, your prenatal visits are a time for us to get to know each other and to prepare for your home birth. Prenatal visits are 45 minutes long to allow for questions, discussion and education. When necessary, we consult and collaborate with other professionals to ensure you receive the best care.

Home Birth Care

Midwife means “to be with woman.” When you are in labor, we come your home to offer labor support and to ensure the safety of both you and your baby. We provide newborn care, and will  return for a minimum of two postpartum home visits to check on mother and baby.

After you give birth we see you once more in the office, usually around 6 weeks. In addition to admiring your baby, we make sure your body is healthfully adjusting and healing from the pregnancy and birth experience. We offer breastfeeding support, family planning options and depression screening. If you are due for a cervical cancer screening (Pap smear), we can do it at this visit. It is the end of your pregnancy care, but we hope not the end your care with us. We offer annual well woman care, family planning and other gynecology care for the years ahead.

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